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June 3, 2019


As a leading telecommunication company in Nigeria, Airtel deserve the best when it comes to executing its marketing needs and our team ensures that anytime the company engages us. We have effectively planned and executed a couple of events and activations for the brand.
One of these interesting projects is The Airtel Lagos Countdown.
The Lagos Countdown is like what the Times Square is like during the yuletide season. Our team planned numerous fun activities like the ARS Zone, Video games corner and had a VIP section all on a beach to make this a success. This resulted in the brand having a strong representation in the presence of other international and local telecommunications brand.
In addition to that, our team’s business intelligence experts carried out a survey which was put to a good use for the Airtel EDS project. The EDS (Every Dealer Survey) was a tool designed to collect data from telecoms retailers and provide insight into what Airtel needs to put in place to recruit more retailers across locations.
Over 500 survey analysts were used to gather insight and thousands of data were collated in three (3) states – Lagos, Ogun and Oyo. This project lasted for eight (8) weeks.
Another interesting project which we successfully executed was the Airtel Mobile Access Money. Mobile Access Money is a platform that helps people to transfer funds. Madison & Park helped in creating awareness in five (5) states across South -West Nigeria including Lagos.

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