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June 3, 2019

Oldenburger 5 year Marketing Plan & Creative Design & Adaptations

Chellarams Plc being the only local distributor of Oldenburger products in Nigeria requested we initially work on a market research and execution of some BTL initiatives for two of their SKUs, the agency was then commissioned to come up with a 5-year marketing strategy plan for all Chellarams Plc dairy products. After which we worked on providing a strategic positioning for all portfolio of dairy products distributed and owned by Chellarams which cumulated in a joint venture entity in Nigeria, named CHELARAMS DMK with the Oldenburger Holding company, DMK Group Germany.


We collaborated with DMK Group’s German creative agency INTEGER GROUP on the creative design, brand guidelines and adaptation of new Oldenburger SKUs and other local dairy product portfolios that would be under the new entity for the Nigerian market

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